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Sales Assistance / Conveyance and Release FAQ
Is My Property Participating?
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Q. What is the Voluntary Sales Assistance Program?

A. The Voluntary Sales Assistance Program is designed to allow eligible homeowners who want to sell their home on the open market and relocate outside the 65 DNL noise contour area. The owner will receive a payment from the County in exchange for a CAR Agreement that is recorded on the property in favor of the County at the time of closing. The CAR Agreement must be recorded against the property prior to the deed of conveyance to the new owner.

Q. What is the Voluntary Conveyance and Release (CAR) Program?

A. The CAR Program is designed for eligible homeowners who wish to stay in their home to receive a benefit payment in exchange for a recorded Conveyance and Release Agreement on their property.

Q. What is the CAR benefit payment?

A. For owners who have received sound insulation treatments, the benefit payment will be 14.4% of the Fair Market Value of your home as established by an appraisal.

For owners who were deemed compatible and did not received sound insulation treatments, the benefit payment is 21.9% of the F air Market Value of your home as established by an appraisal.

Q. Am I eligible for either of these programs?

A. The eligibility requirements are:

  • Home must be located within the 65 DNL and higher noise contour
  • Home must be built before December 12, 2008
  • Ownership was prior to November 25, 2013
  • Completed the Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program or have been “deemed compatible” by the Program Team
  • Home is a single-family, condominium, townhome or two-unit residence

Q. When will I be contacted?

A. Homes are selected based on their exterior noise level. We are beginning with homes located in the highest noise contour and will move to lower noise levels. We are inviting approximately 40 homes per month.

Q. Are there any costs to me?

A. No. The cost for the appraisal, closing and recording of the CAR Agreement are paid for by Broward County.

Q. Is the benefit payment taxable income?

A. You will be issued a 1099 by Broward County equivalent the benefit payment.

Q. What is the process?

A. Once you receive your invitation in the mail, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with our Program Team. At this meeting, they will explain both the Sales Assistance and the CAR Program to you. You will then choose which Program is best for you and an appraisal and title search of your home will be ordered. Once the appraisal is received, you will have a meeting with the Program Team who will advise you of the Fair Market Value of your home and go over any issues related to the title of the property.

Q. How long does the process take to complete?

A. Typically, the process will take from 90 to 180 days depending on whether there are title issues associated with the property.

Q. Can I choose my own appraiser?

A. No. The settlement agreement with the City of Dania Beach requires us to choose the appraiser and review appraiser. The City of Dania Beach was provided the list of appraisers and provided concurrence with our list. The appraisers are certified professionals.

Q. I do not agree with the appraised value of my home. Can I get my own appraisal?

A. Yes. You may get your own appraisal at your expense. The appraisal must follow the federal guidelines for this Program. The Broward County will be pay for your appraisal to be reviewed by the Review Appraiser.

Q. What if I have issues with my title?

A. As part of the process, a title search will be conducted on your property. If an Owner's property has title issues which are an impediment to closing, the Owner will not be allowed to participate in the SSA Program or CAR Program until the title issues are removed as an impediment to closing.

Q. How does the Sales Assistance Program work?

A. You will list their property for sale on the open market for the fair market value (FMV) of the property, as established by appraisal in accordance with program guidelines. Should the property sell for less than the FMV, the County will provide a payment of up to 25% of the FMV (less certain deductions) to encourage the sale of the property.

Q. Can I choose my Realtor?

A. Yes, you may choose any licensed Realtor to sell your property.

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