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The Process
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Mobile Home Acquisition Program: The Process

Acquisition, Relocation and Property Management activities in the Mobile Home Park Acquisition Program will involve the following steps:

  1. Determination of Willing Seller
    • Broward County Aviation Department contacts the Mobile Home Park Land Owner to determine their interest in selling the property to BrowardCounty.
  2. Appraisal and Appraisal Review
    • If the Mobile Home Park Land Owner is interested in selling, Broward County will have an appraisal of the land and improvements. An appraisal review will set the Fair Market Value (FMV).
    • Appraisal reports will adhere to the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice report writing requirements, Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions, FAA appraisal guidelines and other appropriate state and federal regulations.
  3. Offer and Negotiations
    • Broward County will make a formal offer to the Mobile Home Park Land Owner to purchase the property. If Broward County and the Mobile Home Park Land Owner can come to an agreement on a sale price, the parties would proceed to a closing.
    • A General Information Notice and a Mobile Home Park Acquisition Program Brochure will be sent to all the mobile home park residents during this period advising them of the voluntary nature of the mobile home park acquisition. Residents will be advised NOT to move BEFORE the park acquisition is completed. Why? If the property is not acquired, the residents will not be displaced and thus will not receive relocation assistance. The notice will include a brochure that describes the overall acquisition and relocation process.
  4. Acquisition of the Mobile Home Park
    • If the Mobile Home Park Land Owner decides to sell the property to BrowardCounty, a purchase contract will be drawn up and executed by the Mobile Home Park Land Owner. The signed contract shall be reviewed and endorsed by BrowardCounty legal staff, and presented to Broward County Board of CountyCommissioners for approval and execution.
  5. Preparation of a Relocation Needs Assessment Survey
    • Relocation specialists will determine the relocation needs and preferences of each mobile home park resident and explain the relocation benefits and other assistance for which the person may be eligible, including eligibility requirements and the procedures for obtaining assistance.
  6. Appraisal and Acquisition of Mobile Home Units
    • An appraisal will be conducted for each mobile home unit.
    • The appraised value, as established by the review appraiser’s certification, shall be BrowardCounty’s purchase offer price for the mobile home unit.
    • For the sale to take place, the mobile home owner must produce a certificate of title(s) for the mobile home unit. At the closing, the certificate of title(s) will be signed over to BrowardCounty, in the name of the Broward County Board of CountyCommissioners.
  7. Relocation Entitlements and Advisory Services
    • Relocation assistance shall be offered to all eligible displaced persons owning and/or occupying a mobile home unit.
    • Relocation assistance includes advisory services and payments for moving costs and/or replacement housing payments.
    • Relocation Specialists will comprehensively explain details about the entire relocation eligibility process.
  8. Property Management
    • At possession of the mobile home park by BrowardCounty, a Property Management Plan will be implemented to cover such activities as preparing and delivering tenant notices, park maintenance, rent collection and demolition of the individual units.
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