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Voluntary Mobile Home Acquisition Program

Thank your for you interest in the Voluntary Mobile Home Acquisition Park Program. As we reported in our August 2014 e-newsletter, negotiations between Broward County and both the Marshalls Everglade Mobile Home Park (a/k/a Sheldon Mobile Home Park) and the Ocean Waterway Mobile Home Park concluded with no purchase agreement. Residents of both Parks were notified by letter advising that there will not be a voluntary purchase.

The Mobile Home Park Acquisition Program was part of the Broward County Airport Department’s long-term plan to provide noise mitigation measures to eligible residents. Conventional homes can be upgraded to reduce the impacts of higher levels of airport noise, however, mobile homes cannot be upgraded in this way. These two mobile home parks lay within FAA approved program boundaries.

This program remains closed, and no action will be taken. For more information, please call 954-924-2224 or contact us.

(954) 359-7255