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Professional Program Team
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Your Professional Program Team

The professionals of the Mobile Home Park Acquisition Program Team have extensive experience in mobile home appraisals, mobile home unit acquisitions, residential relocations and mobile home park property management.

The Program Team will perform the following services to implement the Mobile Home Park Acquisition Program:

Provide program outreach services to eligible mobile home park owners and mobile home unit residents. Outreach efforts will include direct mailings, community meetings, owner/tenant workshops, newsletters, a website, and public access to the NoiseMitigationOutreachCenter.

Prepare an appraisal for each individual mobile home unit based on recent comparables in the immediate market and vicinity to the parks.

Prepare an Acquisition Stage Relocation Plan that outlines your entitlements based on your eligibility requirements.

Provide advisory services to assist the mobile home park residents in locating a replacement dwelling, filling out claim forms and gathering required information.

Maintain the property in the same fashion as it was maintained prior to BrowardCounty taking possession of the mobile home park.

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