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The Basics
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Residential Sound Insulation: The Basics

The FAA has specific guidelines and regulations that govern the implementation of any sound insulation program. Based on FAA design criteria in the Airport Improvement Program Handbook, there are two ultimate goals of sound insulation programs. The guidelines state that:

1. “The design objective in a residential noise insulation project generally should be to achieve the requisite Noise Level Reduction (NLR) when the project is completed.

2. “Since it takes an improvement of at least 5 dB in NLR to be perceptible to the average person, any residential noise insulation project should be designed to provide at least that increase in NLR as a marginal minimum.”

Replacement of your current windows and doors with acoustically rated products will result in noticeable differences in interior noise levels in your home. The specific noise that this Sound Insulation Program is concerned with is aircraft noise. The noise level in the home is determined by:

(1) the source of noise source, and

(2) the construction of the home, and how well the walls, roof, doors and windows block noise from entering the interior spaces.

The Sound Insulation Program seeks to strengthen the weakest noise paths into your home to provide a minimum sound reduction of 5 decibels, or 25 percent, in the interior areas of your home.

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