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What To Do Before Construction Begins

To prepare for the start of construction in your home, you should:
  • Remove all curtains, draperies, rods and other decorative treatments except shades or blinds from windows and doors.
  • Move furniture a minimum of 48 inches away from window and door areas to allow adequate working space in front of and on each side. This is critically important in avoiding construction delays.
  • Remove belongings stored in attics and other areas that are to receive insulation. These areas will be described in your treatment recommendations.
  • Remove all valuables from the work area to protect them. Remove fragile items from walls or shelves and store them in a safe place. Vibrations from construction may cause items to fall.
  • Clear the area around the electrical panel.
  • Remove any window air conditioning units and/or through window vents. Window air conditioners are not recommended for placement in the new windows.
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