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Is My Property Participating?
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Q. Who do I contact to register complaints about the noise generated by the planes?

A. You may contact the Noise Complaint Line at (866) 822-7910 to express your concerns regarding aircraft noise.

Q. How can I find out if my home is within the noise mitigation area?

A. Visit the Noise Mitigation website at or call the Noise Mitigation Outreach Center at 954-924-2224.

Q. What does “Deemed Compatible” mean?

A. “Deemed Compatible” means the Program has determined the property meets FAA requirements for interior noise levels and is not eligible for sound insulation treatments.

Q. Who decides what work will be done in my home?

A. Using Federal guidelines, acoustical treatments are determined by the Sound Insulation Program Team for each home. Each home receives a unique treatment package that will be reviewed with the owner.

Q. Who does the work on my home?

A. Federal regulations required the work to be publicly bid. The work is conducted by an insured, licensed and bonded general contractor who meets the federal requirements and has proven experience with sound insulation products.

Q. Can I make repairs or do other work on my home?

A. We request you do not undertake any repairs or remodeling while the home is in the construction phase of the Sound Insulation Program. Due to Dania Beach permitting requirements, no other work can occur in the home while the permit is open. Please notify us prior to any major remodeling or repair work. Changes to your home may affect the proposed design plan.

Q. Can I hire the contractor to complete other work on my home?

A. No. The contractor may only perform the work listed in the construction documents.  

Q. Can I purchase additional windows, doors, and/ or equipment not in the scope of work?

A. No, the General Contractor will only order products as outlined in the scope of work. You will receive warranty information for the items installed in your home. At that time, you may contact the manufacturers to acquire any additional products.

Q. How long will work take?

A. The construction process typically lasts 30-45 days. Once construction begins, most homes have all the products installed and operational within 10 working days. The remaining time is for the contractor to finalize their scope of work and close all permits. The Sound Insulation Program Consultant Team may elect to install mechanical systems (like central air conditioning) on a separate schedule from the doors and windows.

Q. Do I need to be home during the construction process?

A. Yes, you or a designated representative will need to be present during the construction process. You can expect the contractor to be in your home the entire day for the first 10 days. After they have reached substantial completion, the contractor will schedule appointments with you to finish the punch-list items or schedule a City of Dania Beach permit inspection.

Q. Are there any costs to me?

A. The FAA and the Broward County Aviation Department pay for the labor and materials to install sound insulation treatments as well as all permit fees. Typical costs to you may include the removal or replacement of window dressings (blinds, draperies, etc.) and any associated costs required for the preparation of the home for installation of the treatments (e.g. moving furniture, storage of excess belongings) if needed. The contractor will utilize your utilities for the completion of the work so there may be an increase to your utility bills during construction; however, homeowners typically see a decrease in their utilities after the completion of the sound insulation treatments.

Q. I recently installed new windows and doors. Will I be reimbursed for these improvements?

A. Unfortunately, we not able to reimburse you. Improvements completed by the homeowner prior to participating in the Sound Insulation Program are not eligible for reimbursement.

Q. Will I get central air conditioning?

A. If your home does not have central air condition a new system will be installed. Existing systems MAY be replaced or upgraded, depending on an evaluation by licensed mechanical engineers.  

Q. Can I keep my old windows and doors?

A. No. Your old windows and doors will become the property of the contractor.

Q. Can I keep my existing hurricane shutters?

A. Yes if they do not get in the way of the installation or operation your new hurricane impact windows and doors.

Q. Why is the impact glass on the inside sash of the window instead of the outside window?

A. As required by the State of Florida, the impact glass is placed closest to the structure to provide the most protection. The sound insulation window is a “dual” or “double” window. This allows us to obtain the necessary sound level reduction. The outermost pane of glass is considered “sacrificial”. Even though impact glass is much stronger than standard glass, it can still break. If the inside window was standard glass and the outside window was impact glass it would cause the interior glass to shatter into your home.

Q. Can I receive French doors instead of sliding doors?

A. No. The federal guidelines require the County to replace what exists. This is an acoustical program and not a home-hardening or remodeling program.

Q. If I am in the Sound Insulation Program, can I sell my home and would the new owner be eligible?

A. Yes, you can sell your home. If you sell after you have signed a Homeowner Participation Agreement but before construction is complete, you are required to ensure the buyer signs a new Homeowner Participation Agreement with the RSI team upon closing of the sale. Additionally, the buyer must accept the RSI design plan as agreed upon by the original owner.

Q. Can we stay in our home during construction?

A. Yes. Construction may be disruptive during the day, but the home will be clear of construction materials and debris at the end of each work day. You should expect a lot of dust during the work day. Once the construction is completed, the contractor will have a cleaning crew conduct a final cleaning of your home.

Q. I have an elderly, child, or special needs person in my home. Do we need to stay elsewhere during construction?

A. No. If there is a special needs person, an elderly person, or child in the home, we can assign a designated “room of refuge” for you during the day. This will room will be weather-tight and free of any construction materials, debris or equipment for the duration of the project. The “room of refuge” location may change during the course of construction to accommodate the contractor’s schedule and progress.

Q. I have pets in the home; do I need to relocate or board my pets during construction?

A. No, however we do ask that pets are secured for the duration of construction. There are a number of people working on your home and we would not want your pet to be able to leave the home or yard.

Q. Do I need to do anything before or during construction?

A. Yes, we ask that you do a few things. Our construction manager can explain when you need to take the following actions:

  • Remove all curtains, draperies, rods and other decorative treatments except shades or blinds from windows and doors.
  • Move furniture a minimum of 3 feet away from window and door areas to allow adequate working space in front of and on each side. This is critically important in avoiding construction delays.
  • Remove all valuables from the work area to protect them. Remove fragile items from walls or shelves and store them in a safe place. Vibrations from construction may cause items to fall.
  • Clear the area around mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Any additional requirements specific to your home will be outlined in your scope of work.

Q. What can I expect from the contractor during the work day?

A. The contractor will take precautions to protect your home and its contents. They will place drop cloths and runners in construction areas and along access routes, clean-up construction areas at the end of each workday, make sure no exterior wall openings are left open overnight, mount temporary shades or blinds each evening until construction is completed, and ensure there are no overnight outages of electrical power or air conditioning.

Q. Will all of my windows and doors be replaced?

A. The Sound Insulation Program only covers improvements that reduce noise levels in habitable spaces of your home. This is not a home-hardening or home remodeling program. Garages, hallways, utility and laundry rooms, and sunporches are not eligible for treatment.  

Q. What is the process for getting my sound insulation windows and doors? How long before construction begins on my home?

A. All eligible homes have been tested ensure they meet Federal noise level requirements. Homes are prioritized starting with the highest exterior DNL level in groups of 150 to 160 homes. Once your home has been placed in a design group, we will schedule an Assessment Visit at your home to take preliminary measurements of windows and doors as well as structural, electrical, and mechanical data in order to construct a design plan. The entire process, from initial design through construction, typically takes 18-24 months.

Q. Is there a warranty for the work on my home?

A. Yes. The contractor provides a one-year warranty for all work performed. Additionally, each installed product has a manufacturer’s warranty. You will be provided a warranty packet at the completion of construction.

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