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Customized Acoustical Treatment Options

The Sound Insulation Program offers a variety of acoustical treatments that are used by the Program Team to reduce interior noise levels in eligible spaces. Spaces considered eligible for treatment must be livable, occupied year-round and meet all code and standard building construction requirements. Since each home is unique, the recommended treatments will be specifically designed to achieve the recommended noise level reduction for your home. Your treatment plan will include a variety of the following:

Windows and Exterior Doors
To reduce interior noise levels, your existing windows and exterior doors will be replaced with acoustically rated, hurricane impact windows and doors. You will be offered a choice of either aluminum framed or vinyl-framed windows in a variety of colors. A variety of materials and styles of doors will be offered. The Sound Insulation Program will also replace existing French style and sliding glass doors with acoustically rated, hurricane impact French style and sliding doors.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
In order for the sound insulation treatments to work properly, each home must have some type of HVAC system. An HVAC system will be offered to participating homeowners as part of the acoustical treatment for homes where a HVAC system does not currently exist. If you currently utilize through-the-wall air conditioning units or fans, they will be removed and the penetration sealed to match the existing wall. If you currently have an HVAC system, modifications or additions to vents and ducts may be performed to ensure proper air filtration.

Attics, Walls and Ceilings
Attic pull-down stairs, attic/roof hatches, and skylights may be sound insulated as noise paths if they are located in treatment-eligible spaces. Skylights can be treated by the installation of a secondary window. 

Electrical Service
As part of installing the recommended HVAC systems, modifications to the electrical systems in residences may be required. Typical modifications include installations of new service panels, installation of new circuits and removal and reinstallation of lights/outlets where wall/ceiling treatments are recmmended.

Smoke Alarms
The Sound Insulation Program will also be installing smoke alarms into your home to provide an added measure of safety. These alarms will be hard-wired into your electrical panel as required by code.

Warranty Information
Once the improvements to your residence have been completed, you will receive a warranty package including operation and maintenance manuals for all installed products and contact phone numbers for  any repairs needed at a later date.

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