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The Process
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Residential Sound Insulation: The Process

The Sound Insulation Program process is a multipart process is designed to make sure that the plan for YOUR home is the best possible one, and that the quality of construction work and materials is protected. The steps in this process include:

1. Application - As an eligible property owner, a Program Application Package is being sent to you. If you choose to participate, please complete and return the Program Application to the Program Team by the deadline listed in your invitation letter.

2. Assessment Visits - The assessment visit happens at your home/residence with members of the Program Team. During the visit, the Program Team will explain the Sound Insulation Program in detail, document your home’s existing conditions, draw floor plans and measure all your windows and doors.

3. Pre-Construction Testing - Your home will be tested for hazardous materials including lead paint and asbestos. You may also be selected for an acoustical test.

4. Scope of Work Review Meeting - You will meet with the Program Team at your home to review the recommended construction plans and scope of work for your property.

5. Homeowner Participation Agreement - Once you have agreed to the recommended scope of work, you will execute the Homeowner Participation Agreement.

6. Construction Documents and Bidding -The final design and bid package will be prepared and released to licensed contractors for public bidding by BrowardCounty. The bids will be evaluated and the work will be awarded to the most responsive, qualified contractor.

7. Pre-Construction Measurements - The selected contractor and the Program Team members will schedule an appointment with you at your property to review the specific scope of work for your home.

8. Pre-Construction Walk-Through - The contractor and the Program Team will visit your home, review with you the scope of work for your home, take preconstruction photographs and ensure the property has been prepared for construction.

9. Construction Process - You can expect the construction process to take approximately 30-40 days. The contractor will need access to your property during weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. There will not be any work on weekends, holidays or evenings.

10. Final Construction Inspection. You and the Program Team will conduct a final inspection of the residence. Upon final inspection and approval, you will receive a warranty package for all work performed.

11. Homeowner Survey. After the work has been completed, you will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey rating the work and materials received from the Sound Insulation Program.

12. Post-Construction Acoustical Testing. If you were selected to participate in the pre-construction acoustical testing, a post construction acoustical test will be conducted on your home. 

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